• Anataktitaki (Cave of the Kopeka Bird)

    Atiu, Cook Islands .

    The makatea (limestone) cave of a swiftlet, called the kopeka, which live in the dark recesses of the cave. The bird can echo locate it's way deep into the cave.  Guides are available to show you the caves and tell the legends. 

  • Eco Tour

    A .

    Eco tour with Birdman George- where you learn all about Atiu’s forestry, ecosystem. All about the flora and fauna and especially our birds, whether native, introduced or re-introduced.. a light lunch is provided at the end. $60 per person. Starts at 8.30am

    From Mondays-Fridays only

  • Taungaroro Beach

    Teenui .

    Atiu's most popular beach

  • Konakonako Landing

    Teenui .

    When tides are right, when the sun is out, Konakonako Landing turns into an infinity pool.

  • Center point of Atiu

    Mapumai, Cook Islands .

    The center point of Atiu

  • Atiu Harbour

    Teenui, Cook Islands .

    The local swimming pool

  • Atiu Villas grass tennis court

    Areora, Cook Islands .

    The only grass tennis court in the Southern Cook islands...